Parents and Parish

When your child goes to a Catholic school you are enrolling in a Catholic community that is bigger than the school. Your Catholic school is part of a parish, or in the case of a secondary school, a group of parishes.

By accepting your child’s enrolment the parish community is committing itself to the formation of your family in the faith. We invite you and your family to participate in the life of your parish so that your family becomes part of the worshipping community.

The priests of your parish are closely connected with your school and the children are involved in the life of the parish. Your school will keep you informed of parish activities to which you can contribute or that support you as first educators of your children in faith.


Find a Parish near you by visiting the Diocese of Broken Bay website.

Parent Formation

Your Catholic school recognises the different contexts of its parents and families. Some parents have had little contact with the life of a parish for some time; others are already involved in the life of the parish. For others it is grandparents who provide a model of Church participation for the children.

Personnel from the Catholic Schools Office support your school leadership team by offering invitational, inclusive, simple and meaningful prayer and faith formation activities for you as parents or grandparents or as local parishioners.

Your child’s Religious Education program offers ways to develop the partnership of home, parish and school which is the ideal for your child’s religious growth. You will be invited to various school liturgical and other religious events which can be of great value to your own personal growth in spirituality.

Synod Outcomes

Your school and parish are expressions of the life and mission of the Diocese. In 2011 and 2012 Broken Bay had a Diocesan Synod, a time of renewal and consultation that celebrated the past, engaged with present and envisioned the future. Its focus was ‘Go, make disciples’ (Mt28).


You can find out more about the Diocese and how you can be involved through exploring the Synod Website

It sets out three Statements, which are our vision for how we can integrate faith and life, engage and participate and reach out. It outlines many stories of things that work well, with several from our Catholic schools. Its Outcomes express how we are all called to lead and serve as disciples of Jesus in who we are and what we do.