Faith at Home

Faith at Home

“Look for graced moments in the uncertainty of our time”

In a video address to the people of the Diocese of Broken Bay, Bishop Anthony Randazzo, spoke of the need for “social solidarity’, even whilst practising physical distancing. Reflecting on his pastoral visits to parishes and schools, Bishop Anthony, praised those making enormous efforts to connect with each other and “to remain close in a spirit of charity and compassion”. He urges us all to stay ‘Connected in Christ’.

Bishop Anthony encourages us all to seek out all those who might “fall between the cracks”. He identifies the great effect of simple acts of kindness such as checking in on a neighbour, phoning a friend, writing a note to a relative. Finally, he encourages us to pray for each other, especially the sick and those who care for them.

A time for rediscovering faith and life as a family. 

The role of the family is especially important in these times. While church buildings are eerily empty, many of our homes are full of life and activity.

In our lives together as families and households, we are the Church; and the Church is found wherever we dwell. Our family homes are “domestic churches”. These “little” churches, comprising the front line of children’s faith education, are very much alive. Pope Francis offers a number of practical suggestions to families that can not only sustain them but even strengthen them during this time. (Faith and Family)

Now more than ever, it’s time to rediscover the power of family prayer, home rituals and the importance of faith/life conversations with our children. Working and learning at home can be a surprisingly positive experience. It can be a time for exploring fresh ways of showing love and concern for one another and ritually celebrating the gifts and opportunities of each day.

Home-based spirituality is infinitely flexible, just like working and learning from home can be. You set the pace and style, in keeping with the circumstances of your household and the needs and personalities of family members.

There are countless ways to share your faith at home like:

  • Dedicate your dining table as a sacred gathering space for sharing food, conversation and little rituals of prayer, gratitude and blessing such as grace before meals.
  • Explore the Scriptures with your children, using a children’s Bible, video or online resources. Let the central pillars of Catholic life – ‘Word and Eucharist’ –  find expression in the home around the dinner table, the kitchen bench, on the lounge and in beds as stories and conversations are shared of life and work, of achievements and disappointments, of joys and worries.
  • Games that unite the family; just having fun together
  • Choosing music in the home that uplifts the human spirit, and perhaps reflects the liturgical season
  • Arts and crafts with a faith message
  • Creating a designated prayer space in a corner of your home or garden
  • Lighting candles next to photos in remembrance of loved ones
  • A traditional go-to prayer, such as the Rosary, or the Daily Awareness Examen.
  • Acts of service and outreach e.g. write a letter or compose a family e-card to residents in the local nursing home, with each child adding to the message

Family Prayer Book is the fruit of school-parish collaboration in our Diocese of Broken Bay.

The following resources may also be of interest:

The Australian Catholic Bishops have a site with a variety of resources for praying at home, in the absence of Mass participation. You will find them at Pray at Home

Catholic Education Townsville offers this Christian meditation for children: Coming Home

The Broken Bay Diocesan Chancery is also producing a range of resources for Catholics during this difficult time. Click here for a sample.

Home-based Religious Education

Catholic education at its best is a partnership between the family, parish and school.  Teachers have the privilege of assisting you in the religious education and formation of your children. Thousands of students from Kindergarten to Year 12 taking Studies of Religion for the HSC are now learning at home and at school during Covid-19.

For Primary log in, click here. For Secondary log in, click here.

Home-based Spirituality session for parents

Parent Retreat Day on July 30thCome, Relax and Reflect has been postponed.

We would still love to connect with our families via zoom for a ‘spirituality in the home’ session.
Just the view has changed!
Date: Friday 30th July
Time: 10.30 – 12pm on zoom

We would love you to join us for our retreat via zoom, please email Jo Spek, to register your interest and receive materials and link for the day.

‘Let us never cease in our care for one another’

“Throughout this time of uncertainty, let us never cease in our care for one another. . . Let us also not forget that it is often the small, simple gestures of love and concern for one another that can have the greatest effect.” (Bishop Anthony Randazzo, 20 March)

Together, we’ve got this!

Click here for helpful resources on supporting your wellbeing at home