Looking forward in hope

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Greetings to you and your families!

The Easter Season of joy has brought with it renewed hope of an earlier than expected return of students to Broken Bay Catholic schools. With you, I look forward to an early and orderly return of students to schools over the coming Term.

Our Catholic schools are preparing for a phased approach to students returning to school during Term 2. Our aim is to return to normal operations with all student learning at school as soon as possible from Week 3.

With Bishop Anthony, I am committed to

  • Ensuring a safe environment for our staff and students; including extra levels of hygiene and cleaning.
  • Maximising learning outcomes and recovering, to the extent possible, any lost learning;
  • Providing support for our principals, teachers and all school staff;
  • Responding to the needs of parents, especially those under financial stress

In his letter of Monday 27 April, the Bishop also outlined Term 2 arrangements for families and announced a significant fee relief package for parents who need assistance. Specific information regarding our fee relief package can be found on your school website.

I am confident that the incredible creativity and hard work of our school leaders, teachers, staff together with your continued support of their efforts, will ensure an effective transition to classroom-based learning over the coming Term. The surest antidote to any sense of confusion over coming weeks is to tune in to advice and information provided by your school Principal. Your school Website will have links to this website which provides general information, advice and resources.

I am conscious that many of you continue to support Home-Based Learning as you face other challenges including working from home. We know that you are doing your very best in the circumstances and we are here to help you. I want to impress upon you the flexibility you have as parents to balance learning tasks with the wellbeing of your families.

Bishop Anthony has encouraged parents and families, “Throughout this time of uncertainty, let us never cease in our care for one another… Let us also not forget that it is often the small, simple gestures of love and concern for one another that can have the greatest effect.” (20 March)

On behalf of the Catholic Schools Office, the Principals and staff in our schools, I extend to you my sincere gratitude for your continued support of your school. As always, your active contribution and engagement are vital in our joint endeavour to educate our young people to their full potential.

Danny Casey

Director of Schools
Diocese of Broken Bay

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