Staff Formation

Working in a Catholic school is a privilege and a challenge and you are supported in this mission in a number of ways.

The NSW/ACT Catholic school systems have a common policy on induction, formation and accreditation of religious qualifications of their staff.  The Broken Bay Diocesan Schools Board has established the Accreditation Policy for Staff in respect of the Mission of the Church.

In some Dioceses the equivalent policy is called ‘Accreditation to Work, Teach and Lead in Catholic Schools’. Your accreditation is portable across all NSW/ACT Dioceses and you need to maintain currency of accreditation across five year periods.

This Broken Bay Mission Accreditation Policy specifies five levels of religious formation relevant to your role as a:

  • non-teaching support staff member
  • teacher
  • coordinator
  • teachers of  Religious Education
  • leader in a school

The CSO provides a range of school based formation and support services, especially to teachers of Religious Education and there are a range of forums for development of Religious Education Coordinators, Assistant Principals and Principals as leaders of mission.

A range of Diocesan Mission Formation programs are offered throughout the year to assist leaders and teachers at various stages of their career in gaining and maintaining Diocesan Mission Accreditation.

The CSO also seeks to financially support leaders and teachers of Religious Education enrolled in formal postgraduate study.  For more information call and ask to speak with a member of the CSO Mission Services team.