Catholic Life

Catholic schools have a religious purpose and a religious life. Our schools share a common Diocesan Mission Statement to educate and form students as followers, or missionary disciples, of Jesus.

Our schools are part of the mission of the Diocese of Broken Bay and closely relate to the parish or group of parishes to which they belong.

Catholic education is founded on a partnership of teachers and students with their parents, their priests and parish communities and the Diocese.


Our schools are part of the mission of the Diocese of Broken Bay.

Our Diocese is located within the traditional lands of the Darkinjung, Darug and Guringai people. It consists of the local government areas of the Northern Beaches, Willoughby, Ku-ring-gai, Hornsby and Central Coast Councils.

Our Diocese has 26 parishes. There are over 220,000 Catholic residents.

Our Diocesan Mission Statement is our statement of shared common purpose:

‘The Diocese of Broken Bay exists to evangelise, to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, gathered as friends in the Lord and sent out to be missionary disciples.’ (2016)

The Diocese seeks to care for and serve its people so that all can proclaim the Good News of Jesus in word and action.


Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay exist to educate and form young people in Catholic discipleship: offering them experiences of following Jesus as members of the Catholic community.

Evangelisation and Missionary Discipleship

Mission is about purpose. Our purpose is evangelisation, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Jesus proclaimed God’s purpose, an age of justice and peace that we call the Kingdom of God.

Our Church and its Catholic schools proclaim, serve and witness to this Good News. We are called to do this in new ways, especially in inviting Catholics who are less connected to Church life to find new meaning and purpose as followers of Jesus. This is called ‘new evangelisation’. Our Enrolment Policy welcomes all Catholic families, and families who seek this vision of living as proclaimed by Jesus.

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Mission in your Catholic school is about dialogue. It respects the context of you and your family and invites you into discernment of the message of the Scriptures and the richness of the Catholic tradition so that you ‘may have life and have it more abundantly’ (John 10:10).

Missionary discipleship is a term that is used a lot in Broken Bay Catholic schools.  A disciple is a follower of Jesus. You can see the message of Jesus in the way a disciple lives. In this way discipleship and evangelisation are connected to each other. This is why your Catholic school exists.