Youth Ministry

A unique feature of your Broken Bay Catholic secondary school is the staffing commitment to youth ministry.

Your secondary school has a Youth Ministry Coordinator, an experienced teacher who works to provide school-based faith formation and youth ministry opportunities for students that link them to the wider Catholic community.

They collaborate with local parishes and Catholic Youth Broken Bay to provide a range of voluntary activities including attendance at Diocesan, national and international youth festivals.

A major focus at the moment is the promotion of and preparation for World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland in 2016.

Yr 10 Social Justice Day at St Joseph's
Social Justice Day at MacKillop College
Pilgrimage for St Joseph Students
Vietnam Trip for Mercy Chatswood Students
Mercy Week at Mercy Chatswood
Kimberley Service Trip
CSYMA Program at St Joseph's
Indigenous Reconciliation
Yr 10 Social Justice Day at St Joseph's