Religious Education

Systematic, coherent and co-ordinated Religious Education is
essential to education and formation in Catholic discipleship.

The K-12 Religious Education Curriculum provides teachers in the Diocese with the opportunity to develop engaging and challenging learning experiences for their students. The curriculum has three sections; foundations, syllabus and modules.


Our entire curriculum is grounded in Foundations, a statement of our central concepts of mission and discipleship.  We undertake formation in discipleship in partnership with the home, the parish and the wider Church community.

A distinctive feature is a statement of the Catholic worldview that is integral to all that we do.  It provides insights on the purpose of life and how we live it.


Our Syllabus provides the essential components of knowledge, understanding, skills and appreciation of our rich Catholic tradition.  It has the same structure as the Board of Studies uses in other learning areas.

A distinctive feature is our concept of a ‘missionary discipleship response’.  We offer students the opportunity to respond freely to the Gospel at the centre of their education.  In addition to clear statements of learning outcomes and what students will learn about and learn to do, the syllabus gives specific direction to the ways in which students can be encouraged to live as disciples.