FAQ'S Returning To School


How will the rest of Term 2 unfold?

We all recognise that the situation is fluid and not easy to predict. We will monitor and review the situation proactively and take advice from the Government and public health advisory bodies.

Why does every school seem to have a different approach to the return to face-to-face lessons?

Catholic and other non-government schools have the freedom to make these decisions. While we discuss our approach with other Catholic systems and non-government schools, and we consider the approach of the State and independent schools, we try to find the best way forward for our particular context. Each school has specific concerns and constraints from large secondary schools on small sites, to smaller primary schools with large open areas.

What are the opening days/hours for the school canteen and uniform shop?

Check your school information updates. In regard to the uniform shop please remember parents are NOT permitted on-site and so only students will be attending the uniform shop. Orders will need to be made via phone or online.

What if a parent needs financial assistance towards fees?

Financial Assistance will be provided to all families in need. All fee relief enquiries should be directed to the school and will be referred to the Fee Liaison Unit (FLU) at the CSO. FLU phone number 9847 0728, FLU email schoolfees@dbb.org.au, or visit Fee Relief during Covid-19 on the Broken Bay Catholic Schools Office website.

Will our schools have face to face meetings between parents and staff?

Parent/teacher meetings or any other required contact with staff should be conducted by phone or through electronic communication or video conferencing. If it is deemed essential by the principal to meet face to face then staff and parents must follow the physical distancing guidelines and NSW Public Health orders on schools premises. Generally, parents SHOULD NOT be on school premises unless there are pressing reasons for this.


What support will be provided to students who are not attending school?

With the return to full-time school, the delivery of home-based learning will not be able to continue as it had been implemented. There may be students however who may need to engage in learning from home through the provision of some work because of extended absences. If students are away from school on a short-term basis because they are unwell, there is no expectation that they complete schoolwork.

If a child is unable to attend school for an extended period of time because of a valid reason then the school can assist the student and the parents/carers to maintain connections with the school and ensure continuity of learning through learning from home. Maintaining connections with the school and looking after the social and emotional wellbeing of students who are unable to physically attend is important. Schools will work with parents to determine how to best meet the student’s needs in these circumstances.

The school can assist by:

  • providing a modified learning program for use at home - not home-based learning
  • maintaining a relationship with the student and their family
  • supporting engagement with the school
  • supporting the student’s return to school.


Will our schools be checking students’ temperature?

Based on AHPPC advice to schools, good hygiene practices and environmental cleaning are more important for reducing risk. AHPPC advice is that schools should not conduct wide-scale temperature checking of students as there is limited evidence to demonstrate the value of such checks. Students who are sick or have a temperature, must not attend school.

Will students and staff be required to wear face masks to school?

No. Advice from the Commonwealth Department of HealthNSW Health, and the AHPPC is that face masks are not recommended for general use in the community or in schools.


How are schools managing physical distancing requirements?

The greatest risk of transmission in the school environment is between adults. Staff and parents alike will be required to maintain physical distancing. Generally, parents SHOULD NOT be on school premises unless they are deemed essential reasons and prior approval has been sought to enter the site.

How is physical distancing being managed for students?

Students will be required and reminded to practise physical distancing:

  • avoid close-proximity queueing (on entering and leaving classrooms)
  • space out in classrooms as much as possible from other people
  • maintain 1.5m physical distancing from teaching and support staff
  • maintain physical distancing when moving between classrooms or activities
  • limit the use of shared equipment or resources
  • limit physical contact during activities
  • submit work electronically for feedback where possible.

Find further information on the return to school here.