Students with Special Needs

The Diocese of Broken Bay School System has an inclusive model of support for all students with special needs/disabilities.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for all students to reach their spiritual, educational and social potential. Our schools value the individual and the contribution each person makes to the school community. Schools work collaboratively with the family and student to plan adjustments that promote access to and participation in the full life of the school.

The first point of contact for enrolment of students with special needs/disabilities into a Catholic school is the Principal of the school in which a family seeks enrolment. Schools will consult with the parents/guardians regarding the nature of the student’s special need/disability and what adjustments are required. Ongoing planning is collaborative in nature and involves the family, student and the class teacher. The Catholic Schools Office works with schools through a consultative model, providing advice and support in developing and delivering inclusive programs of support.

Services are provided to strengthen the capability of all teachers and schools to deliver inclusive, high quality educational programs for students of all abilities. Resources in schools focus on support to the classroom teacher to improve the learning outcomes for all students.

For students with higher needs it is of great benefit to the student with a disability for the enrolment process to begin early. Please contact your local Catholic school to discuss an appropriate timeline for enrolment, planning and transition.

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