Teaching and Learning is the core business of schooling.

In order to engage our students in active, relevant learning that constantly builds their knowledge across a broad range of content and skill areas, teachers across the Diocesan School System are both challenged and supported to deepen their own knowledge of curriculum, assessment and instruction. The result is dynamic teaching that directly and intelligently responds to student learning needs, informed by curriculum expectations.

Highly effective learning, enabled through quality teaching, is the goal of every systemic school. Our teachers use assessment data (both standardised formal assessment data and that received from students as they learn and respond on a daily basis) as feedback to inform next steps in instruction. Instruction is then tailored to meet emergent student learning needs.

High levels of reflection and analysis enable our leaders and teachers to constantly monitor student progress within the context of curriculum expectations; and professional learning is designed to support knowledge building for teachers in their areas of need.

Inclusive of:

  • all Key Learning Areas;
  • over-arching concerns such as literacy, numeracy and ICLTs;
  • specialised areas such as Vocational Education and Training (VET); and
  • extra curricula activities.

Teaching and learning is our core business, directing and informing our priorities.