Service Areas

We have well qualified professional staff members in the service areas of: Mission Services, Educational Services, Human Resource Services, Financial Services, ICLT Services and the Office of the Director and Consultants.

Mission Services

The key focus in Mission Services is supporting staff, parents and students in strengthening their relationship with God, as friends in the Lord sent out to be missionary disciples.  Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel) has become a catalyst for sustaining the mission of Catholic schools.  It is a renewing lens that aims to ensure that Broken Bay schools more consciously realise that missionary discipleship is the heartbeat of all their endeavours.

Financial Services

Financial Services focusses on ensuring the system-wide resources are aligned with strategic priorities and on continuous improvement in business practices.

Educational Services

The Educational Services area has a range of initiatives for 2016 including:

  • Consolidation of excellent, research-based approaches to literacy and numeracy, leading to continuing improvement of student learning outcomes.
  • Curriculum development and implementation support for the new syllabus areas of science, history and geography.
  • Continuing development and implementation of the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) continuum, including data gathering approaches indicating its effectiveness.
  • Ongoing development of teachers' capacity to support the learning of students with special needs, along with the analysis of nationally consistent student data.
  • Collaboration on the effective use of ICLT to enhance learning.

ICLT Services

The ICLT Services area continues to keep up with the exponential changes in technology, particularly as they apply in the education sphere.

In 2016 ICLT has been supporting both secondary and primary schools with continued 1:1 device rollouts.  To support these rollouts and the continuing growth of Google apps within schools, new training programs have been developed.  These programs are targeted at developing greater understanding of the tools within the Goggle environment.

The ICLT team continues to look at new initiatives and ways to support schools in improving existing infrastructure, for example, by providing more bandwidth and wireless capacity into schools.  Improving the manageability of devices such as iPads and Chromebooks has also been a significant project.

We are entering a challenging and exciting phase of change and innovation in how to support our schools.

Human Resource Services

The major functions of the Human Resource Services Team include the recruitment, selection, appointment and appraisal of principals, assistant principals, religious education coordinators, and Catholic Schools Office (CSO) staff; succession planning; and the management of the requirements of the Institute of Teachers.

Other functions include Payroll, employment issues, managing allegations of child abuse against employees, contractors and volunteers, liaison with the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER), and advice to CSO and schools on all requirements of WHS legislation.