Director’s Message

As the Director of Schools for the Diocese of Broken Bay, I am delighted that you have taken the time to inquire about our community of schools.

It is an exciting time in Catholic education, particularly in our diocese that is showing strong signs of growth in the diverse communities of the Central Coast, the North Shore and the Northern Beaches.

We are proud to be an integrated system of forty-four schools that offers high quality learning opportunities in a thoroughly professional setting.  Our teachers and staff are focussed on their students and they take a “whole person” approach to ensure that all students not only achieve their academic best but also that their wellbeing and advancement in faith are nurtured. 

The strong focus on community in our Broken Bay schools is reflected in the commitment of the teachers and staff and in the support that they give each other. This has been vital to the development of our schools’ culture of striving for continuous improvement. In our school system we evaluate our performance as educators so that we can continue to enhance student learning.

In this, we act as an agent of the Catholic Church and we present the Church’s message to young people in our care. We are privileged to share our Catholic faith with our students, whether they be Catholic or not. This sharing is a “community effort”, undertaken in combination with the local parishes.

In all our schools there is a focus on hospitality, enthusiasm and genuine endeavour, and we would be very pleased to share these qualities with you as we welcome you into our community.

I hope that if you are interested in your child being part of one of our schools, or if you are thinking of applying to work in a Broken Bay school, that you will take the next step and contact your local Catholic school or the Catholic Schools Office.