All students, their families and employees within the Broken Bay Diocesan Schools System (DSS), have the right to a safe and supportive learning environment. In line with this, all members of the school community share the responsibility to foster, encourage and promote positive behaviour and respectful relationships.

Catholic schools - Living a Responsible Way of Life

Catholic schools strive to develop a faith community permeated by Gospel values, which respects the dignity of each person. The creation of such an environment where people recognise and observe their mutual rights and duties, provides opportunities to build an inclusive and connected school community. Catholic schools, share responsibility with parents for teaching students to live responsibly in a community with others, by fostering compassion and forgiveness, and promoting respectful relationships. The educative process is intended to assist all students to make a conscious choice of living a responsible and coherent way of life.

Behaviour Support Policy

Catholic schools in the Broken Bay Diocesan Schools System (DSS) have a Behaviour Support Policy to promote a safe and supportive learning environment that enhances teaching and learning for all students. It supports the development of students’ pro-social behaviour based on respectful relationships and clear behavioural expectations.

Positive Behaviour Approaches

Positive behaviour systems of support are evidence based strategies for building an inclusive and collaborative school culture, to optimise teaching and learning. In our schools we promote a multi-tiered system approach (Tiers 1-3) to provide services and interventions for students, at increasing levels of intensity based on student needs. This multi-tiered system of support is informed by the Positive Behavioural Interventions and Support (PBIS) Framework (also known in the Diocese of Broken Bay as Positive Behaviour for Learning – PBL). The PBL framework is used widely across the Diocese to support positive behaviour approaches in schools.

Reference: Adapted from 2019 Positive Behavioural Interventions & Supports (PBIS)


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