A new program called ‘RISE’ (Relational, Inspire, Spiritual and Empower) has been launched at Mercy Catholic College at Chatswood to the tune of Beyoncé. 

Mercy College RISE

Pop star Beyoncé and former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama had previously put together a campaign to promote movement and exercise in schools.

The program will provide structured lessons with a focus on student wellbeing, to help students build a sense of self, connectedness with those around them, and foster positive relationships and empathy.

Studies on student learning have shown good wellbeing goes hand in hand with learning engagement and academic success.

One initiative saw Year 11 and 12 students teach younger girls the dance to Beyoncé’s hit song ‘Move Your Body.’ The aim was to get students exercising, which has been shown to boost mood, concentration, and alertness. It also allowed Year 11 and 12 students to take on a leadership role as instructors.

“The dance was a great way to let out any end of term stress and help me think of dancing, moving my body, getting fit and active and stop worrying about the looming English and Food Tech Assignments that were coming up,” said Angela in Year 9.

Hannah, also in Year 9, said, “It was a wonderful opportunity to have a laugh with my friends and also get fit. I enjoyed it so much the first time that I went on to learn it at home for fun.” 

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