Across Broken Bay systemic schools, learning technologies are an integral tool to support student learning.

Our digital learning environment is high quality, safe, secure and inclusive. Students are explicitly taught cybersafety practices and our Acceptable Use Policy outlines conditions of use of email and internet services within our managed environment.

Our ICLT infrastructure supports the evolving demands of a contemporary education system. Examples of this include widespread use of IWBs (interactive whiteboards), the growing use of mobile devices for educative purposes, good wireless connectivity in all schools, and increasing uptake of 1:1 devices in several schools.

Through the provision of a robust ICLT infrastructure and through the support of eLearning Education Officers, school leaders are supported and empowered to lead innovations that maximise opportunities for ICLT to improve educational outcomes for students. Teachers have access to a range of relevant and quality professional learning experiences that support improved integration of ICLT with curriculum, assessment and pedagogy.